Coco Bella Beauty offers a uniquely revitalising experience that is open to everyone. Our small professional team pride themselves in knowing the clientele to ensure a highly personalised service that is attentive to the different needs of each individual. We passionately deliver the highest quality services, professional expertise and advice. Coco Bella uses exceptional, results based products including skincare by Phyt's, 100% natural and organic cosmetics from France and a range of carefully chosen medical-grade serums and masks. Through extensive experience and knowledge, a range of Advanced technology based treatments, designed to promote anti-ageing, relaxation, detoxing and well-being. We are proud to be an industry-leading cosmetic tattoo specialist, with 10+ years of experience in creating beautiful eyebrows and semi-permanent make up with top quality safety certified colour range. Whether you want a refreshed look or beauty and image goals you would like to achieve, we will tailor treatments to your desires and schedule. We look forward to welcoming you to Coco Bella Beauty clinic.


Coco Bella Beauty

In 2010, I established Coco Bella Beauty with the mission to provide the best quality beauty services with fair pricing. Since then I have been on the quest for new knowledge, new skills, and new technologies. My passion for achieving results and perfection has been the drive to all our latest procured treatments. I am proud to be part of my loyal customer’s beauty and wellbeing journey. I am looking forward to meeting more diversity of people and to help them to reach their wellbeing goals.



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